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about the area.

  work as work and the work of making art. 


Henrietta Hale and Marina Collard come together as two independent performance artists under the name Area 7073 to make video/performance which addresses work and art-making as necessity. All the work under Area 7073 happens without renumeration and usually as a parasite project alongside a proper purposeful job in which they commit to stolen purposeful moments of creative and collaborative play. In the Area, they make no distinction between working to work or to make art work or working at pleasure.

Their work has developed from an interest in visibility and marginalised activity and/or status, committing to working outside of the confines of studio led practices and institutions. Their practice involves expanding their attention and documenting  activity that exists in the abject; putting a lens on and making visible the experiences of labour, maintenance, tedium and banality that are usually discarded from any story, whilst recognising emergent patterns, habits and political implications and perversions. Their projects are created from their real-life situations through a process of asserting the various political and artistic questions that linger on the periphery of the lens.

The connections between performance and the digital archive/documentation/digital translations of liveness is central to their practice. Revealing particular perspectives on ordinary activity, reframing the familiar within visual and choreographic video performance, they  inhabit life situations as a temporary occupation, creating fictions and dreamworlds out of plain truth. 

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